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Cason's family sued the care home and the individuals involved, and won a $64 million judgment.<ref name="13wmaz">https://www.13wmaz.com/article/news/state/georgia-news/64-million-awarded-in-abuse-case-at-gordon-care-home/93-85241130</ref> A civil complaint stated that:
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Defendant Shakie Smith "repeatedly attacked Joey with a belt, attacking him at least 18 times." According to court records, she pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and exploiting an elderly or disabled person.
Another defendant, Rodrekais Mosley, "knocked Joey over a desk.”
Defendant Amber Coverson "hit Joey with a belt and slapped him in the face," the complaint states. She pleaded guilty in a criminal case to exploiting an elderly or disabled person.
Defendant Owens Pearson, "repeatedly punched Joey in his face with his fist during the day," including both morning and afternoon, according to the lawsuit. He pleaded guilty to simple battery, according to court records.
Another employee, Audey Ray, pleaded guilty to simple battery, court records show.
And Porsha Richardson pleaded guilty to one count of exploiting an elderly or disabled person and one count of simple battery, according to court records.

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==See also==

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